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White Pomfret (Medium) / Vella Avoli / Maanji / بومفريت

White Pomfret (Medium) / Vella Avoli / Maanji / بومفريت
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White Pomfret (Medium) / Vella Avoli / Maanji / بومفريت
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White Pomfret are known as perciform fishes which belongs to Bramidae family. They are found in Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. There are several species of this kind. This fish also known as Vella Avoli in Malayalam. White Pomfret fish is good for steam, curry and fried. White Pomfret is very tasty fish with soft flesh which can be made in to a fillet, Steak easily. well suited for both Curry and fry

Health Benefits:

Lower the amount of cholesterol in blood

Improves blood circulation

Prevents osteoarthritis

Boosts good vision

Excellent source of Vitamin A and D

Relieve asthma problem in children.

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Unit Specification No. of pieces : 3-4 fish in a kg

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