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King Fish - Steak / Aiykoora / Anjal / سمك كنعد

King Fish - Steak / Aiykoora / Anjal / سمك كنعد
King Fish - Steak / Aiykoora / Anjal / سمك كنعد
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King Fish / Seer Fishes are so called pelagic fishes, predatory and fast swimmers. They are most preferred fish in many regions of Sri Lanka and South India. This is fish is one of the costliest variety compared to other fishes. This fish is called as “Neymeen’’ or “Aiykoora” Malayalam. Seer Fishes is also called as “King mackerels” in some areas. Seer fishes are handled with care as they have sharp teeth. King Fish / Seer Fish / Aykora Steak is very tasty fish with soft flesh which can be made in to a fillet, Steak easily. well suited for both Curry and fry.

Health Benefits:

Cut down the risk of heart disease

Reduce the risk of thrombosis

Prevents arthritis disease

Protects age related macular degeneration

Protects your lungs

Avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder

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