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Baraccuda (Local) / Sheelavu / Kaandai / الجد

Baraccuda (Local) / Sheelavu / Kaandai / الجد
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Baraccuda (Local) / Sheelavu / Kaandai / الجد
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Barracuda fishes are with protein and omega-3-fatty acids which is good to recover from many health issues. Barracuda is the most flavoured variety of fishes in India. Most of the fish eaters are like to eat barracuda.  Its desired for making fish fry and fish curry. Some Barracuda fishes may contain more mercury which is dangerous for foetus during pregnancy. Its advised that pregnant women not to consume “Barracuda ” fish.

Health Benefits:

Improves heart problem

Reduces the risk of thrombosis

Prevents the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

Prevents depression

Protect your skin from UV damage

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Unit Specification No. of pieces : 1 fish in a kg

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