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Squid (Large) / Koonthal / Bondas / Kanavai / نغر – حبار

Squid (Large) / Koonthal / Bondas / Kanavai / نغر – حبار
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Squid (Large) / Koonthal / Bondas / Kanavai / نغر – حبار
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Health Benefits:

·         Helps in the formation of red blood cells

·         Relieve from arthritis and controlling damage caused by free radicals.

·         Strengthens skin, muscles, hair and nails.

·         Prevention of migraines.

·         Stimulates the building of teeth and bones

Squids have sufficient copper which has 90% of body supplement. Squids have a high nutrient which gives healthy supplements to your body. Squids are yummy and prepared in different ways. You eat squids as grilled or fried them in cooking oil either battered or plain. Squids are lip smacking and irresistible shell fishes. Squid helps in weight loss and ensures effective nutrients to your body. Fresh, Elegant and Tastee Squid well suited for curry and other delights. Squid is also named as “Koonthal” in Malayalam.

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Unit Specification approximately 2 pcs per kg

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